The Power of ‘Why?’

Explanation of the word Why

Modern wisdom suggests that if you ask the question ‘Why?’ five times, then you ultimately get to the true reason. I thought I’d ask myself why I wanted to write this Blog, and share the answers as my first post…


To help and inspire people to break down their self-imposed limits on what they think they are capable of doing. To make people happier in themselves, in their lives, and in their relationships with others.


My life and mental attitude have changed completely thanks to running, especially running ultras. I’ve also seen the incredibly positive effect running has had on others around me. I want to share the lessons I’ve learned and the inspirational people I’ve encountered, so that I can spread this positivity to as many people as possible so that they can have these incredible feelings for themselves.


We all know that life can be hard sometimes, and all sorts of things can happen which make us feel ‘down’. Running – always – makes me feel ‘up’. And I’ve been very down at various times in my life (although not recently!). Running gives a perspective on problems, so that you can rationalise more easily. Also, if you tackle something with a good mental attitude, the outcome is invariably better. Running makes you feel better about things, and feel so, so good about yourself.


I took up running when I was feeling at my lowest. I think without running, I may well have become an alcoholic in my late 20’s.


Divorce hit me hard at 29. I began drinking too much, too often. I took up running to try to stem the tide of negativity which was threatening to engulf my very soul. Running saved me. I want to share the ever-evolving journey with others.

There are some longer answers to these five big questions here.


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