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10 years ago I was low on self esteem, low on confidence, border-line alcoholic and generally quite down in the dumps. I felt that I hadn’t yet found my place in the world, and didn’t know which way to go. One day, something changed. Now, I’m an endurance athlete, an ultra runner. I’m doing something now that 10 years ago I never even dreamed I’d be able to do – something that I didn’t even know was a thing a human being could do. The journey I’ve taken to get here, and the stories that are bound up within, is what this blog is all about.

This isn’t a blog about training plans and sports nutrition (although I may mention them from time to time…). This is a blog about stories, reasons for things, the nitty gritty of the why and how I became an ultra runner. It’s my story, and the stories of those people from all periods in time and walks of life who inspire me along the way. And ultimately, I hope it’s also about your story.

I’ve started writing forgedbygeorges to try to help and inspire people, using ultra running as an example, to break down any self-imposed limits on what we think we are capable of doing. I’m a huge believer that micro adjustments to a daily lifestyle reap huge rewards. Our bodies are staggeringly powerful. I’ve made a few simple changes to my lifestyle, and my body and mind have grown immeasurably stronger as a result. What can the human body really do? What can your body really do? If you want to push it to find out who you really are, read on.

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