This ultra running blog tells the stories of how a very average bloke like me ended up toeing the line in 100-mile foot races… It aims to explore the vast possibilities that a human body is capable of – if only the mind will push it there. And it looks at how making some really small lifestyle changes can mount up to some serious ‘training’, without it really feeling like it’s training. 

It’s an ultra running blog, but…

If you’re not a runner, then the fact that this is an ultra running blog shouldn’t put you off, because my blog really just uses ultra running as a vehicle for exploring life and mindset. Life can often be hard, but with the right attitude and mental strength, those negatives can be spun round and turned into a personal, inner strength, a fire. Anyone – absolutely anyone – can make themselves do far more than they ever thought possible. I never thought I’d run a marathon, let alone an ultra! And I never thought I’d end up writing an ultra running blog either! Some of the most satisfying comments on this blog have come from non-runners, so believe me when I say it’s not all about the running. As it uses life as fuel, this blog is a bit raw in places, and a bit roar in others, but if what you read provokes some kind of response, please leave me a comment.

Ultra running blog forgedbygeorges
At the finish of my first 50-miler. Never thought I’d run that far!

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